just another saturday afternoon.

zachary and i went on an adventure this weekend. on saturday we sent our family on their way and i found that i was a lot sadder than i was expecting to be. {of course, i knew i'd be sad. but not this sad} it hit me hard how little we get to see them and how bad i wish we lived closer. this gave reason for needing a little pick me up. so we jumped in the car and made our way to the little town of avila beach. it was just what the doctor ordered.

i've come to the conclusion that i am a sugar-aholic. no, seriously. when most people buy a bag of sour patch kids to eat over the next couple of days, i'm buying them to eat in the next hour. i guess that shows i have zero self-control as well, but that's beside the point. i am addicted to candy and all things sweet. so when we walked in to this store, i thought i'd died and gone to heaven. barrel upon barrel of taffy, jelly beans, and chocolate. what a perfect start to our day.

 {i thought it was just so cute to have jelly bellies individually wrapped that i had to take a picture.}

even though the wind was picking up and we could see the clouds rolling in, we made sure to take a walk on the pier. i've never held on to my flip flops so hard in my life. the cracks between the boards were huge. i'm surprised i didn't fall in myself.

 the view was gorgeous.

and we even spotted this little guy doing barrel rolls in the waves.

we stopped at the avila barn, which reminded me a lot of the red barn in santaquin, utah - produce, jam, kettle corn, etc. but what the red barn doesn't have is red-eyed, demon-looking emus.


anyway, we had a very good time. i sure love our little santa maria and all there is to do here. and when we move to cheyenne, i know it's going to be wonderful living so close to our families. life is kind of great right now. and my favorite part? being married to this guy:

happy monday!


p.s. we started jillian michael's 30 day shred today. any success stories/advice out there? wish us luck!

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  1. I love love love Jillian... but boy is she a killer!? I did it yesterday too and am in lots of pain. But good luck :)


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