oh how pinteresting: pie day.

happy pie day!!
don't know what that is?
i guess that's a good thing because it proves you're not a nerd.
or that you've never taken a math class {which might not be so good}.
growing up with a mother that was a math teacher and having taken a billion math classes myself, this has always been a somewhat entertaining day for me.
today is march 14 or 3/14.
pi = 3.14159265...blah blah blah. {commonly rounded to 3.14}
therefore 3/14 = pie day.
glad we got that settled.
here are my favorite pie picks on pinterest this week {try saying that ten times fast}:

it was a mistake to look at this before i went on my lunch break.
all i could think about was eating all things sugary.
not good for this girl.
doesn't it look incredible though?
 found here via lisa bozich

is it weird to think that pies are cute?
because these are most definitely cute.
what a genius idea!
can't wait to make these for thanksgiving this year.
found here via shelby lynn

i haven't made many pies, but the few that i've done have always been sealed off with just the pinch and squeeze method.
that takes enough coordination as it is.
i'm amazed at the talent of some people in making their pies look like this!

not all pies are desserty ya know.
spaghetti pie was a favorite of zachary's growing up.
it reminds him of his mom.
all the more reason to eat it in our house. 
found here via leigh

pie pops.
whoever thought of this had a lot of time on their hands.
still awesome, nonetheless.
found here via cassidy perry

i'm craving a key lime pie.
but i'm so thirsty.
whatever shall i do?
problem solved: a key lime pie shake.
sounds tasty.

to top it all off, here's a fabulous dish to bake all of these wonderful pies in.
look at the ruffles on that thing.
if i didn't think it was absurd to pay $40 for some bakingware, i'd go buy it today.
oh well.

any other pie day supporters out there?


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  1. yes!!! pie day!!! so happy you posted about this! and that pie pop looks amazing!!

    (and I just used my exclamation point allotment for the week)

  2. Thanks for reminding me how much I love pie and not the number either! That first one looks to die for!

  3. So, Brig and I actually celebrated pie day today and made two strawberry rhubarb pies! We didn't get around to it until like... 8 at night, so we haven't eaten any yet, (they're cooling) but we made them none the less. However, ours don't look as amazing as some of those! I loved all the different pies you found out there!

  4. @Lauren Haha! Your exclamation comment made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. @Ashley I'm right there with ya Ashley. I love me some oreo pie!

  6. @Chelsea My mom used to make strawberry rhubarb pies all the time growing up! How fun!! We made us some mini pumpkin ones last night. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that celebrates this nerdy day. Haha!


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