top five friday.

#1 - exploring santa maria. every sunday, we like to go for a walk. but since it's been kind of cold this week, we decided to go for a drive instead. we thought we'd check out the little nooks and crannies of our lovely town and take a drive in the hills. we eventually found ourselves on a narrow road that was overgrown with weeds. we reached a gate and didn't see any 'no trespassing' signs, so we continued to proceed. we came upon what i think used to be a part of the base, but isn't in use anymore. all that was left was this:

can't you just picture a couple of zombies clawing their way out of that door? i was kind of expecting that to happen the entire time we were there. i was slightly terrified, but mostly thrilled. glad we made it out alive.

#2 - frozen tv dinners. i've always had it in my mind that only lazy people eat them and that they're a sorry excuse for real cooking. i'm here to say that i was oh so very wrong. i've tried time and time again to shed a couple extra pounds, but it's so stinkin' hard counting calories in homemade meals. after reading about the main keys to losing weight, i realized that frozen dinners are a lot more genius that i give them credit for. they help with portion control, they're super easy to count calories for, most of them have a good balance of protein and veggies, and they're surprisingly delicious. my favorite is the smart ones: chicken enchiladas suiza.

mmm, delicious!

#3 - blanket beds. since we made a goal not to watch tv this past week {mission accomplished}, both zachary and i have taken a serious liking to reading. a couple days ago, it was warming up a bit and we wanted to read outside. so we took every single blanket we had in our house and dumped them on the back patio.

it was a bit colder than i was expecting, so i had to bundle up a little. i ended up falling asleep while waiting for zachary to join me because it was just so dang comfortable. 

#4 - this video:

"shut up. sit down. i love you."
"fix yo' face." "you fix yo' hand and stop poppin' me"
"hair. face. hair. face."
it's just too good not to share. love it all.

#5 - and lastly, after saving every penny this last year {literally}, we can finally cross off something on our bucket list: save enough money in change to buy a ticket to disneyland.

that's $111.75 right there - enough money to buy a ticket and even some to spare. looks like this weekend is going to be spent at the happiest place on earth! maybe we'll catch a glimpse of the modern family cast while we're at it...

have a great weekend ya'll!



  1. Seriously! I was dying laughing the first time I watched it!

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