top five friday.

#1 - the hunger games. i know this was so yesterday, but i have a thing or two to say about it. i thought they did a phenomemal job. there were a couple things that were different than i pictured {like the entire capitol scene. not at all what i envisioned} and they left out the whole avox girl thing {i thought that was an important part later on?} but when all was said and done, i was so impressed with it. i thought jennifer lawrence played katniss perfectly. she was exactly what i imagined her to be. i've read about people complaining that she is too 'big' to play the part of katniss as well as being too 'big' to be paired up with josh hutcherson. i am appalled. first off, i actually found it quite nice to watch a movie where the girl is a normal size. this proves how much media has twisted the ideal image of a woman. it's sad. second, i don't think she was too big for josh, i think josh was too small for her. when reading the books, i imagined peeta as a strong, stalky boy and while josh did grow on me by the end of the movie, he still wasn't what i pictured peeta to be {probably because i could only see him as will ferrell's 10 year old son in 'kicking and screaming'. definitely not peeta material}. and as for liam hemsworth and his performance of gale...he could use a few more acting classes, but not too shabby. i loved this movie so much and i'm already counting down the days for 'catching fire' to come out {602 to be exact}.

#2 - this crazy cow that we found at the avila barn last weekend. i think we stood there for five minutes watching it and laughing. silly cow.

#3 - salted caramel ice cream.

doesn't that look divine? trust me, it is. this whole salted caramel fad has been kind of hit or miss for me. sometimes it's great and other times i feel like a cow licking a salt rock. this ice cream has the perfect blend of sweet and salty though. absolutely love it!

#4 - the fact that i've gotten to sleep in with zachary for two days in a row! usually he is leaving the house by six or seven to make it to base on time, but today and yesterday, he didn't have to be there until eleven. it's so nice waking up to his cute face.

#5 - this swim suit cover up.

i saw kim and conda from 'the biggest loser' wearing it in hawaii and i knew i had to have it. then i saw they made it in a maxi too...now i'm torn. any suggestions?

happy friday!



  1. I LOVE the swim suit cover up!! I say the short one!! I am getting one in orange! :D

  2. I love the maxi! I guess you'll have to get them both haha

  3. Aghh! I don't know what to do :( I'll have to buy a swimsuit and see whether the short one or the maxi looks best. I'll let you know which one I pick!


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