top five friday.

#1 - i know i already talked about it, but disneyland was definitely my favorite thing that happend this week.

there's nothing better than a visit to the happiest place on earth.

#2 - this song:

i'm addicted to it. it was on the radio to and from work yesterday and it made my day. wanna hear something even better? thanks to my friend nichole and her awesome finds on her blog, i just bought this song and the rest of its album for 25 cents. 25 cents! i spend that much on a gumball at the mall. i'm in lady antebellum heaven right now.

#3 - reaching goals. remember when i said that one of mine and zachary's new year's resolutions was to run a mile for every day of the year? well, i've been failing miserably. i haven't run seven miles in a week once yet. it adds up quick, so i'm behind by like a month. that was until yesterday. i have 7.24 miles completed for this week and it's only friday! i can't tell ya how good it feels to accomplish a goal that you've set for yourself.

#4 - colored jeans. i think this is one of my favorite fashion trends as of late, especially with spring right around the corner. nothing screams happiness like bright colors to me. that's why i picked me up a pair of these last weekend:

i haven't tried them out yet, but boy am i excited to!

#5 - cruise browsing. zachary has been dying to go on a cruise since the day i met him, so we're going to make it happen this year. we originally wanted to go to europe, but that's not going to happen for a few years now i think. then we wanted to go to the caribbean in may after he graduates from training, but i don't think that's going to happen either. so now, we are looking at august/september time. my question is, for those of you that have been on a cruise, do you prefer the bahamas or the cayman islands? i haven't been able to find a cruise that does both, but i've heard great things about each of them. right now we are looking at one that would go to key west, fl, grand cayman islands, and ocho rios, jamaica or one that would go to half moon cay, the bahamas, st. thomas, usvi, san juan, puerto rico, and grand turk. thoughts, opinions, suggestions, advice?

thank you for stopping by!


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