woo and boo.

woo for general conference this weekend.
boo for feeling like it should be friday and it's only wednesday.

woo for 70 degrees tomorrow.
boo that it's raining today.

woo for doc. burnstein's ice cream.
boo that they don't take debit cards and i walked away empty handed.

woo for only having 17 days of work left.
boo for not having an extra paycheck then.

woo for late night snuggling while watching 'the help'.
boo the morning that came too early.

woo for all the cute swim suits that just came in at target.
boo the long road to get in shape for them.

woo for finally deciding to live on base at f.e.
boo that the waiting list is 1-2 months long.

woo for the 3 v 3 soccer tournament i'm going to!
boo that it's still 3 months away.

double woo for my brother-in-law that just got a new job in slc.
and a double boo for my other brother-in-law that's been in the hospital for a week. {prayers are greatly appreciated!}

stay classy.



  1. Really like this post! Very creative :)

  2. Fun post :) Thanks for the shout out! We're so excited to be in SLC! And it's much closer to you guys than Rexburg is!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! Looks like we have a ton in common. Can't wait to follow you!!


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