oh how pinteresting: funnies.

there's nothing i love more than funny things on the internet.
here are a few that i've pinned recently:

only true star wars fans would appreciate this.
so funny.
found here via shann

zachary and i laughed for a good couple minutes after reading this.
it totally sounds just like it!
found here via niki hirning

i did a double take the first time i saw this.
i thought there's no way someone would really go to a work party naked.
then i realized exactly what i was looking at.
couldn't stop laughing.
found here via brittany mason

nuff said.
found here via hannah

i am guilty of so many of these.
especially the texting at a red light scenario.
i swear it's never green unless i'm texting!
found here

i don't normally like to draw attention to large people.
i think i would die if i saw my picture being made fun of around the internet.
but this was too good not to share.
looks just like him!
found here

this couldn't have been drawn any better.
what a hilarious misunderstanding.
found here via makamae

hope you take some time to laugh today.
happy wednesday!



  1. I love it. The pole dancer one gets me everytime! And the picture for first world problems looks like Dawson, from the creek :)

  2. I see it now! I kept looking at the picture and thinking the girl was naked. I know see where that girls arms are haha

  3. bhahahah. these are hilarious! i am laughing out loud by my self. thanks for sharing.

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  4. That "Raise up lights" thing is great!


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